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Things Don't Change

Magazzini Sonori
Proprietà dell'oggetto
EtichettaSeahorse Rec.
Data di pubblicazione2013
LicenzaTutti i diritti riservati
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don't come this world don't care you know everybody needs to fit and everybody fits if can cop-out "everyone meet to be free" but don't think we know i don't think we heard run run run let's see what we've done it burns? no more! it seems we have never been there before you don't knock and come in everything was left behind thrown in the air all these pieces of life nothing will fall to the ground run run run let's see what we've done everything is near to come it's right above your eyes hope to have something to live for because rage don't change things things don't change


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creato:mercoledì 8 maggio 2013
modificato:mercoledì 8 maggio 2013