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A Love Story From Outer Space

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She was tender, she was cute. Not enough for young Juan: you know, unborn kids may think that love is uncool. He was socially accepted but he never had a thought about everything that belongs to sentimentalism. Sadly we know than soon or later that april comes to end, then adolescence doesnt’t forgive and we are sad. N: Juan my friend, how do you do? J: I’m fine, I live in Iquitos me too, do you remember when we were young? When we played chess,and you always won. N: You called me nina,and my father was still alive. Y: Do you remember when he used to sang? N: He was the first to make you understand that music and guitar would have become your life, but now please tell me: have you got a wife? No, seriously, are you still not engaged? I’m a mum, instead, I’ve got two children and guess what: the first one is called Juan, Juan like you. If I were honest I’d say that all nights, sunsets or sundays or other fake happiness I only wanted that you smiled when I told you that funny joke You were serious and watching me you told me I was just a dork.


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