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GenerePop / Musica Leggera
ProvenienzaAbsolut Red
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Occasion you never come, and you never after being passed one time: it’s hard to believe that we’ll never be young again. Occasions is a Montale’s book, a collection of poems written between the 1925 and the late thirties. Are you sure to love me enough? Like the queen loves her tarts: she bakes many many cakes, but she’s always very very doubtful about her final result. Poems are linked between them, as Hypertextual poetry, that’s a book I had decided to write but I never really begun to. Please love and feed me and my soul, may it be for a moment or forever, I will never forget you I will never forget it. And if you get on, we might get awesome. If we get on, we might get awesome.


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