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The lovely Savalas


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Defined by the press as a meeting point betweeen Korn and Police and possible heirs of the best At The Drive In, THE SAVALAS is an Italian alternative rock band, who just recorded his first album, PORNOCRACY, under the Californian sun, featuring some of the greatest alternative musicians such as
Nick Oliveri (Queens of the stone age, Kyuss, Mondo Generator),
Martyn Lenoble (Porno For Pyros, Jane's Addiction, Dave Gahan),
Scott Mcloud (Girls against Boys, Paramount Style),
Massimo Pupillo (ZU, Mike Patton),
Xabier Iriondo.

Their music explores a great variety of musical territories and atmospheres in a free and peculiar style. That is due to the influence of literature, visual arts and to the attention on social issues, associated to their sound. “Invisibili” the track that led them to the final phase of the national amnesty international contest Voci per la Libertà – A song for Amnesty International, for example, focuses the hypocrisy around migration phenomena. Both this track and “No way out” have been released on the compilation of the Xth edition of the contest.

The Savalas! developed an intense live experience, touring in the U.S. England and Italy, promoting their two previously released Eps, taking part to festivals, supporting foreign bands and performing as opening acts for national known artists, in front of large audiences or TV shows, like MTV Coca Cola OPERAZIONE SOUNDWAVE, in september 2008. They previously released two Eps "Hot Dog for Frank" (2006) and "Plastic Pills for Happy Passengers"(2008), supported by the American label, Above Ground Records, and the italian label Altipiani.

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