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Tequila Funk Experience

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Band formed in April, 2005. Four guys which propose a own repertory that has its roots inside immortal mechanism of 70's powerful guitar riffs, funky rythmics and groovy melodies. The Tequila Funk Experience have created their own sound, without forgetting early 70's typical characteristics, adding quality and recent styles, managing to reach a well-contaminated style but at the same time remembering typical rock influences. By now, having played so much, they are a well-known band around their territory, they are keeping making shows, thanks to their music which is accessible to many kind of people and which doesn't preclude listening at them at any time. They now have also a secondary project, a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band, that is gaining a good success, thanks also to the right voice and the entire band inclination, playing that kind of music. They are working hard to make their first record will be released as soon as possible.
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