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Ocean Inside

Magazzini Sonori
Proprietà dell'oggetto
CompositoreRolling onj the Floor
Autore testiRolling onj the Floor
EsecutoreRolling onj the Floor
Data esecuzione03/12/2011
Luogo esecuzionein our garage
GenereWorld Music / New Age
ProvenienzaRolling On The Floor
LicenzaTutti i diritti riservati
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I hurt myself under my sink
feeling nothing for the things that I've seen,
torn from the waves,
pushed down to the end,
damn it never ends, it never ends!
I lost myself in the ocean,
i can't breathe anymore,
flashbacks before my eyes
(I'm leaving for the last time),
a scream from my soul:
Come on!
Like a bleeding tiger
surrounded by hundred men,
like a boxer still standing
at the last ring!
It comes a moment for all of us,
come on! take your revenge,
hit hard your enemy!
I've finally beaten the ocean,
now the ocean, it's Me
flash-forward before my eyes
(I'm not leaving anymore),
a scream from my soul:


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