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Perfect Motion

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Perfect Motion : NDR Dj ( Synth, Sampler and Keyboards ). JNS ( Live percussion, Live Bass, Noise ). Live Acts Since 1999, Our sound is between tribal full on and a little Touch of progressive, with a melodic keyboads line. We are from Bologna ( north ) Italy, we played Live Acts and Dj Sets in Italy, Thailand ( for all over 4 years ), Swiss, Hunghery and Germany.Our Live Act is made with Live Percussions and Live Instruments. Perfect Motion think about a positive People who Have Self Respect and Respect of the Others, Who find the dynamic equilibrium among body and soul, who live in Harmony with the Nature and Animals, Who therefore succed in living without Murdering, Who have satisfaction in the work, in building something in which to think, something for the common weal and for our fellow, who will be guided by a Moral, Irremovable Individual Justice, Who enjoy, Unity and community feelings, who are used to the energy, rashness, who find the peacefull means in order to express their needs, who have their rights respected, who would change in better and contribute to the growth of uman race and reaching of a total well-being. We will sing all this, with the energy which fascinates us, a plunge in the far east, trought the music, raise ourselves, by communicating and making know our potential positive philisophy o life. Please dont Drugs Abuse and Be Vegetarian.
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