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Admiral Hosier's Ghost

download at http://goo.gl/xVkV3r

Magazzini Sonori
Proprietà dell'oggetto
CompositoreMalaguti Giorgio
Autore testiMalaguti Giorgio
EsecutoreMalaguti Giorgio, Michele Malagù, Giona Uccelli, Gilli Silvia, Roccia Marco
Luogo esecuzioneSonika, Ferrara
RaccoltaTales of Love and Indecision
ProvenienzaNoisy Neighbours
LicenzaCreative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Non opere derivate
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Heed, oh heed! my fatal story,
I am Hosier's injur'd ghost;
You who now have purchas'd glory
At this place where I was lost;
Tho' in Porto Bello's ruin
You now triumph, free from fears,
Yet to hear of my undoing,
You will mix your joys with tears. (and tears)

(I) love the sunset through yon palms,
the coats of red in (the) golden sun
in a barn, along White Beach
with my Portobello belle,
tired of spanish and buccaneers
I'd make a livin' in fish right here
lying down with my idle hand
dangling as an Irish pennant

I wanted Vict'ry oh so dearly
that I sailed ways too deadly
the town was there for me to attack
nearly willing to unfurl the Jack
there I abode to call first volley
bold next day would be the one
but now I adrift in my old cuddy
yearning bunt's loud yells of war

Unrepining at thy glory,
Thy successful arms we hail,
But remember our black story,
When to Britain back you sail!
All your country's foes subduing,
When your patriot friends you see,
Think on vengeance for my ruin,
And for England sham'd in me.


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Proprietà dell'articolo
autore:Giorgio Malaguti
creato:lunedì 14 settembre 2015
modificato:lunedì 14 settembre 2015