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These Arms

Magazzini Sonori
Proprietà dell'oggetto
CompositoreMarco Bonvicini
Autore testiMarco Bonvicini
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When you're coming home
Somebody wants to sing
When you bleed me out
Somebody wants to feel to

Have you felt somebody in you
When I've touched your heart
Whit these arms of love

Now you can believe
You got feelin' in your veins
(But) you don't really care about
If I do not understand

What's the reason? (What's the reason?)
What's the meaning? (What's the meaning?)
You have closed any door
To these arms of love

You get what you get
No matter what you said
It's just apathy
Just beating in your head

I try to disappear
Can't you see what I'm sayin'
I'm insane!


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creato:venerdì 4 novembre 2011
modificato:venerdì 11 maggio 2012