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To You

Magazzini Sonori
Proprietà dell'oggetto
CompositoreFabio Garante
Autore testiGaia Girotti
EsecutoreGaia Girotti e Fabio Garante
Data esecuzione08/10/2011
Luogo esecuzioneSan Biagio,Argenta (FE)
ProvenienzaGaja Girotti
LicenzaTutti i diritti riservati
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“To you”
( autore Gaia Girotti)

Strofa1:  Another   tale, another  screaming  hell,  another   frame   of    

                 fotograph    we had,

                   Another course, remind me where you are, another man,

                   another question.     


Strofa2:    Another cross, “May I go straight or turn?” , another stroke,

                    If I  could  go back to you.

                 Another mail, but anyone can make  my heart on safe,   

                  So I’m still waiting…..


Rit:          And     I would        be      with     you.

                Even if …. I could     be    with    you

                Even          if


Strofa3:   Another   stop, “if I’d speak this to you”,  another   doubt    of    

                 What things could be turn!

                  Another me , but my brain could not change is working yet,

                  So I’m still waiting


Strofa4:   Another line to erase these words I said,  another kind 

                  I   won’t collapse myself

                 Another  being,   but I’m not going to rest without my head,

                  So I’m still waiting


Rit:     And     I would        be      with     you.

                Even if …. I could     be    with    you

                Even          if


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