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Altri brani da Dusius - Viking Folk Metal

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GenereWorld Music / Folk
ProvenienzaDusius - Viking Folk Metal
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When my father’s gone
Iced arrows had been fallin'
to the ground
And the firmament deserve his revenge
Our forest bewailed… His sacrifice…
In a doomed melody… Howled by wolves.

Everything… Everything…
He gave us everything…
His body… His mind… His soul…
Even… HIS LIFE!!!

People raise your goblet to the sky
To remember how my father’s die
People scream your pain in glorious day
I can only tell you father…


And we are here while you feed these flames
We smile, we drink and we summon your name
Your spirit will rest with the stars
And for you our village night will be enlightened

Each one knows what you did for our land
You will be a guide now for everyone
Who some day will march proudly


Into the forest of our ancestor
Foliages are tormented by the wind
Tree graze the earth they seem to bow
Just as the wind…
With its high growl of hate they duel the Gods

I wonder if the wind
Doesn’t bring the right
To be raging for the death of such a great man
Even the mountains disarmed for his departure.

Why gods took him so soon?
Did the oracle lie to us?



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