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Proprietà dell'oggetto
Autore testiDusius
GenereWorld Music / Folk
ProvenienzaDusius - Viking Folk Metal
LicenzaTutti i diritti riservati
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Now I kneel toward your ashes

I look in the eyes of the gods

I prey to bury my soul

And I scream… LET’S DRINK


There’s no hope…

There’s no hope for us

This is folly and we all know there’s madness in here

And it’s just for this that we do it.


And we are driven

By our warrior nature

To take revenge

On these treacherous gods

Let’s flow your rage

Your desolation

And your delusion

In this orgy of booze.


To soothe our hunger of sacrifice

Shadows are taking to us

They whisper

They scream

They instil inside us the desire

A blasphemous desire

The need of desecrating something

Dear to them

Take it all and spare nothing


In this glorious night

We will improve the Gods

That our spirit is stronger than the mountains

It’s raging like the storm

And just like them

We are bringing down

The temple and its slaves

Here the sacred liar

Oracle of those



And damned in our hands

Into our chains

Into our blind



Shade between shadows

In this holy place

A woman trembles

Not for a cold shivers

But for an “Eros thrill”



Her blood

Drops on

Her pale face

And breaks upon her naked breast

And now she can only leave and rest


Now I’m looking at this naked

Motionless corpse tortured

Deprived of its dignity from this body

From these hands

From these members that are no longer

Worthy to grazing the sweet face of my bride and the innocent faces of my Children.

How can I show these bloodstained

Hands to my family

Even though I know I’m worst than a beast

Don’t you believe that I have the right to be for this time solely pardoned.


Please forgive me


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