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The Unexpected

Magazzini Sonori
Proprietà dell'oggetto
Autore testiCirelli
Data esecuzione20/02/2011
Luogo esecuzioneTaverna Studio
Data di pubblicazionenovembre 2011
LicenzaTutti i diritti riservati
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What am I supposed to do with lying in bed
And lull the things I miss?
And what am I supposed to do with dangerous steps
And hide from sharing fears?

Changing acts is not a simple way,
But I do take the risk
The change of time, It begs from me to give
Another way, another people's sys'

And what am I supposed to do with lying the risk
And hide my link with them?
And what am I supposed to do with biting feelings
And hide the rage that ached things pushed in?

Changing times, It doesn't use to adhere
Cause bites what's sure in these years
Changing times is quite a way to feel
The light and thrill of a chance

This world is not in change as I guess
I swear this world, these gods, these blames again

Leaving my evil I beat on the unexpected

Leaving my evil

Leaving mine


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Proprietà dell'articolo
creato:giovedì 8 dicembre 2011
modificato:martedì 8 maggio 2012